Request for Tenancy Approval

Once the Housing Choice Voucher Program participant finds an affordable unit, the participant must submit a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) to SAHA.

SAHA has recently made streamlining changes to the RTA process by creating an electronic procedure for quicker and more efficient processing. Please follow the steps of the new RTA process as detailed below: 

1.  The Housing Assistance Specialist (HAS) will provide the participant with the Moving Packet for Owner (Paper). This packet     includes the following documents:

    • Request for Tenancy Approval Form
    • Notice of Family Rental History Form (If Applicable)
    • Lead-Based Paint Form (To Be Used If Applicable)
    • Housing Quality Standards Information

 2.  Once the participant determines to lease your unit, they will meet with you to sign the documents in the Moving Packet for Owner (Paper), and you will be directed to this page for additional steps (Steps 3-6).

NOTE: Owner/landlords must provide a regularly managed and current e-mail address in order to complete the Request for Tenancy Approval process.

3.   Download the Moving Packet for Owner (Electronic), and complete the forms as instructed.
Download Moving Packet for Owner (Electronic)

4.   Next, scan the completed Moving Packet (Paper) and any supporting documentation required (as detailed in the Moving Packet for Owner (Electronic) into the computer. 

5. Below we've provided an RTA Upload Link to directly send your RTA paperwork to us. We highly encourage you to complete this process the day you sign the documents with the program participant.

You will be asked to select the Housing Assistance Specialist (HAS) who will be assisting you during the RTA process. The name of your designated HAS has been provided to you on #5 of the Moving Packet for Owner (Paper).

You will also be asked to enter the prospective tenant's name and the last 4 numbers of their social security number (SSN). 

Lastly, you will be asked to upload the following required documents. Please ensure you upload all required documents, as missing documentation and information may delay the RTA process:

    • Moving Packet (Paper)
    • Moving Packet (Electronic)
    • Supporting Documentation (See Below) 

The following supporting documentation is required, if applicable:

Management Agreement: SAHA only requires a management agreement if the owner of the unit has hired a management agent to oversee the unit. Acceptable Management Agreements include notarized statements from the owner indicating permission for the management agent to oversee the assisted property. If you are a member of the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) or a member of the Texas Association of Realtors (TAR), SAHA will accept property management forms from these associations.

Proof of Tax ID: Landlords must attach a copy of their Social Security Card if using a Social Security Number, or must attach a confirmation letter from the IRS if using an Employer Identification Number. Proof of Tax ID is only needed for landlords who are not current HCV Program landlords.

Voided Check: Landlords must attach a copy of a voided check to confirm direct deposit information. A Voided Check is only needed for landlords who are not current HCV Program landlords or for landlords whose deposit information has changed.

Proof of Ownership: Private landlords must provide verification of permission to be payee. Settlement agreements are accepted with the owner, seller and title company signatures. Landlords may also print proof of ownership off the Bexar CAD website.

RTA Upload Link

7.   Select "Submit," and you’re done! You will be contacted for a Housing Quality Standards Inspection, and once your unit passes inspection, the final instructions to execute the lease and the Housing Assistance Payment Contract will be sent to your e-mail. Therefore, please ensure you provide a current and regularly managed e-mail.

NOTE: If the Moving Packet is incorrectly completed, the HAS will contact you through e-mail to correct the documents. Your deadline to correct the documents will be two (2) business days before all new RTA paperwork must be submitted. 

NOTE: RTA timeline may fluctuate due to participant’s delay in processing.