For decades, the near Westside has been known for its colorful murals depicting residents over generations, their local bakeries with the best pan dulce and the pride that illuminates from the neighborhood residents. But also over the decades, the growth around the city has left the beautiful Westside behind where lack of investment in the community has been evident.

The chipped paint and aging infrastructure are signs of a community left behind while economic integration and social mobility move neighborhoods forward in other parts of the city.

According to a recent study supported by the San Antonio Area Asset Funders Network (AFN), residents in the 78207 zip code have below average outcomes in employment, health insurance coverage, income and education.

Reinvesting in the 78207 community is necessary to increase opportunities for all its residents to have a brighter future.

SAHA values the residents of the Alazan community and believes in investing in housing, education and growth opportunities for generations to come.

San Antonio’s westside is on the brink of a revitalization it desperately needs. In the next few years, the community will see the grand opening of Artisan at Ruiz, Tampico Apartments, The Legacy at Alazan, and other developments to increase affordable and subsidized housing options for residents in the historic and near Westside.

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The Legacy at Alazán

The San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) is excited to spearhead the development of The Legacy at Alazán — formerly referred to as Alazan Lofts — a new 88-unit community, and expand the quality of affordable housing.

SAHA partnered with the NRP Group and garnered 9 percent Low-Income Housing Tax Credits from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) to build the development.

The Legacy at Alazán will be an example of a modern, affordable housing development with amenities such as a community center, central heating and air conditioning and other conveniences older developments built in the 30s and 40s lack.

Virtual Groundbreaking

The San Antonio Housing Authority and The NRP Group LLC are proud to celebrate the history and future of the Alazán community with the groundbreaking of The Legacy at Alazán, a new apartment community.

The virtual groundbreaking features the unveiling of a special community altar, created by two local artists. Through contributions from community members, the altar pays tribute to those in the community that have come before.

Unit Breakdown

The new development will have 80 affordable units (40 public housing units) and 8 market-rate units.


40 public housing units
(50% AMI and below)


40 affordable housing units
(60% AMI and below)


8 market rate



8 | 1 bedroom


58 | 2 bedrooms


22 | 3 bedrooms


Jan. 28, 2019

Preliminary discussions on the possibility of The Legacy at Alazán were discussed with residents during a community meeting.


Feb. 27, 2019

SAHA staff met with Alazan neighborhood residents to discuss its submission for a 9 percent Low-Income Housing Tax Credit grant and its plans to bring new affordable housing to the community.


Aug. 14, 2019

SAHA announced to the Alazan neighborhood community it garnered the 9 percent Low-Income Housing Tax Credit grant and showcased preliminary design concepts for the new apartment.



Nov. 14, 2019

SAHA returned to the Alazan community to unveil new architectural design concepts and three color palette concepts for the buildings.


April 29, 2020

Approximately 30 participants attended a virtual meeting on April 29, 2020, to provide suggestions for a new name for Alazan Lofts.

Following community voting, the Alazan Lofts were officially renamed to The Legacy at Alazán on Aug. 12



2017SAHA began discussions of increasing affordable housing options on the Westside of San Antonio.
JAN. 2018SAHA hosts public meeting to propose The Legacy at Alazán to community.
FEB. 2018San Antonio City Council approves SAHA to pursue Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) Tax Credit funding.
JULY 2018 Tax Credits not awarded.
FEB. 2019 San Antonio City Council approves SAHA to pursue TDHCA Tax Credit funding for a second time.
MARCH 2019 SAHA and NRP submitted an application for 9% tax credits to TDHCA.
MAY 2019 SAHA residents appealed and persuaded the TDHCA Board to overturn staff recommendations to decline The Legacy at Alazán tax credit application.
JULY 2019 TDHCA awards tax credits to The Legacy at Alazán development.
AUG. 2019 SAHA residents stood in support with The Legacy at Alazán as it cleared City Council approval for zoning.
MAY 2020 SAHA hosts final community meeting to help rename Alazan Lofts.
JUNE 2020 SAHA and NRP to close on the development.
AUG. 2020Following community voting, the Alazan Lofts were officially renamed to The Legacy at Alazán on Aug. 12. 
NOV. 2020Construction is expected to begin.
APRIL 2021 Leasing is expected to begin.
OCT. 2021Construction is expected to be completed.

The Courts

The Alazan community is historic, and that is why it is important for SAHA, the community, and the City of San Antonio continue to invest in its future.

The Alazan Courts were built in the 1930s with cement cinder blocks during the pre-World War II era. While they are provided affordable housing for residents for more than 80 years, they are no longer fit for modern times and standards.

SAHA conducted a feasibility study to see if there was a way to rehabilitate the community while preserving the integrity of the building. However, It is not feasible to rehab a distressed community built with cement cinder blocks.

Residents are unable to have access to a central air/heating system nor dryer connections nor interior insulation which makes winters colder and summers hotter.

While we recognize the historical significance of the community, so too are the needs of the residents living in these units every day and the future residents.

In an Alazan resident needs assessment conducted in Spring 2020:

  • A majority of the residents said the apartments were too old and are a reason why they dislike living at Alazan Courts
  • Demolishing the current buildings and building newer apartments was voted as the top outcome that could make Alazan Courts a better place to live
  • Approximately 80 percent of residents surveyed said they would prefer the buildings be rebuilt rather than remodeled.

In the summer of 2019, SAHA began the process of redeveloping the community. SAHA is exploring many funding sources, including tax credits, to build a new Alazan community for current and future residents in need of subsidized housing. The entire process will be driven by the community and is expected to take five to ten years to complete the community engagement, funding, regulatory approval, and design process.

SAHA has provided Alazan residents subsidized housing for generations, and the agency will continue to do so for generations to come.