Moving to Work


SAHA is one of 39 public housing authorities throughout the nation with the Moving-to-Work (MTW) designation, which provides agencies with the flexibility to design and test innovative approaches to enhance the agency’s programs.

The program’s flexibility is designed to achieve MTW’s three statutory goals:

  1. Increase self-sufficiency opportunities for families through job training, educational and employment programs
  2. Reduce expenses and achieve cost effectiveness by improving overall agency efficiency
  3. Increase housing choices for low-income families


Approved by HUD on September 22, 2020.



MTW Agreements, Plans and Reports



SAHA 2025: Impact & Innovation Plan
The Agency anticipates posting the strategic plan in the coming weeks.

For purposes of ensuring continued program administration under the Moving to Work demonstration, the Agency is posting this year’s FY2021–2022 MTW Plan (appendix to the strategic plan) on February 23, 2021.

The Annual MTW Plan describes the Agency’s planned use of its Moving to Work flexibilities including MTW waiver requests and other required MTW information that will support the Agency’s annual strategic implementation plan.

Appendix A: HUD Information Reporting Requirements (FY2022 MTW PLAN)
Appendix A contains the Agency’s Annual MTW Plan as required by HUD Form 50900: Elements of Annual MTW Plan.

Appendix C: Proposed Housing Program Implementation Policy Changes
Appendix C contains proposed changes to the Agency’s implementation policies for the Public Housing Program and Assisted Housing Programs.

Public Housing | FY2021-2022 Admissions & Continued Occupancy Policy

Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) | FY2021-2022 Administrative Plan

Appendix D: Proposed Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program Action Plan
Appendix D contains the Agency’s implementation policies for the Family Self-Sufficiency Program.

Appendix E: Asset Management Plan
Appendix E contains the Asset Management Plan which outlines how the Agency plans to make best use of limited financial resources while embracing the goals and objectives of SAHA’s Affordable Housing Preservation & Expansion Policy and supporting the Agency’s 2025 Strategic Plan.

Appendix B, F:
Resolutions & Certifications: Appendix B is reserved for the Agency’s resolutions, certifications, and other documentation requirements as required by HUD Form 50900: Elements of Annual MTW Plan.
Appendix F: Third-Party Lease Agreements Appendix F is reserved for documentation associated with PIH 2017-24.