Educational Opportunities


The Education Investment Foundation (EIF) is committed to the development of educational opportunities to help break the cycle of poverty among students who reside in the subsidized properties of the Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers Programs. The EIF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) affiliate of SAHA, dedicated to helping youth who reside in public housing or HCV properties attain self-sufficiency through educational opportunities.

EIF Scholarship



The rising cost of higher education makes it challenging for many people to attend college. That’s why the San Antonio Housing Authority provides up to $1,500-a-year renewable scholarships to students who have shown strong academic, social and extracurricular success.

Previously awarded EIF Scholarship students are eligible to apply as renewal applicants for a maximum of five years. Students who have a break (non-consecutive years) in renewal may be considered for funding. Special situations will be reviewed by the scholarship committee on a case-by-case basis. Renewal applicants are responsible for renewing their scholarship every year.


  • Must be a resident of a SAHA housing assistance program (Housing Choice Voucher, Public Housing or Beacon Communities) at time of application (as stated on the lease), and the resident household must remain in good standing with SAHA throughout the duration of the school year.
  • Must be a graduating high school senior or a college student.
  • If you previously received an award (previously called the “EIF Scholarship”) must not have received more than four awards. SAHA Resident Scholarships are capped at five awards, for a maximum of five years.
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student, which is defined as 12 hours of undergraduate coursework or nine hours of graduate coursework.
  • Must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale. GPA scores will be used to rank qualifying candidates for a limited number of scholarships.
  • Please note, as of this year, the scholarship award is up to $1,500 for the school year. While GPA will be used to rank candidates, it will not be used to determine the scholarship award amount.



4.0 – 3.5

$750 $750


3.49 – 3.0

$625 $625


2.99 – 2.5

$500 $500 $1,000
2.49 – 2.0 $375 $375




All eligibility and application requirements must be met for an application to be considered for a scholarship award. Applications must include ALL of the following:

  • Online application with all sections completed. (Please mark “N/A” and do not leave any form fields blank.)
  • Proof of full-time enrollment for the upcoming semester and/or school year. (Submit this document with your online application; legible PDF files and scanned images are acceptable.)
  • Proof of GPA for the most recent semester and/or most recently completed school transcript. (Submit this document with your online application; unofficial transcripts are acceptable if submitted as legible PDF files and/or scanned images.)
  • The scholarship award is an amount up to $1,500 for the school year, subject to availability and funding. The SAHA Scholarship Committee will rank eligible candidates by GPA, and award only the top candidates who meet all other eligibility requirements.
  • Applicants are eligible to apply for the SAHA Resident Scholarship for up to a total of five (5) years. Previous scholarship winners must meet all eligibility requirements and submit a complete application to be considered for an award the following year. (Please note that moving forward, SAHA will not utilize renewal applications or give preference to previous award winners.)
  • The scholarship is a “no use restriction” award. This means that scholarship winners may use the funds however they choose; including, but not limited to, expenses for books, tuition, school supplies, etc.
  • Award winners must attend the event described in the award letter. This event is scheduled to take place in August, and will include an awards ceremony and activities for award winners and their families. This is mandatory for all scholarship recipients (See requirements)
  • All applications will be reviewed by the SAHA Scholarship Committee, which will be composed of SAHA staff who are not involved in the funding or administration of the SAHA Resident Scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded to eligible candidates with the highest scores based on the Committee’s rubric, which is subject to their discretion and all applicable SAHA policies.
  • Submission of an application in no way guarantees that a scholarship will be awarded. (See “Eligibility” above for all application requirements.)
  • Applicants are responsible for providing any changes to their bank account for receiving the award via direct deposit. Applicants are also responsible for notifying SAHA of any changes to their contact information.
  • All scholarship winners must adhere to all SAHA Resident Scholarship rules and should remain in good standing with SAHA housing. Failure to do so could result in possible termination of award funds (See Grievance Process).Scholarship winners must attend the processing appointment and photoshoot at SAHA’s Central Office (818 S. Flores St., San Antonio, TX 78204). Winners will receive additional information about the processing appointment at the time of their selection.

All applicants MUST submit each of the following by 5 p.m. in order to be considered for a SAHA Resident Scholarship:

  • Complete online application submitted through
  • Official and/or certified high school transcript or General Equivalency Diploma (“GED”) certificate.
  • Proof of full-time enrollment as reflected on unofficial transcripts and/or registration documents for the Fall 2021 Semester.
    • Proof of full-time enrollment must be provided for each semester before any funds can be released. (See “Eligibility” above for additional information on proof of enrollment and eligibility for the Spring 2022 Semester.)
    • PDFs and legible image (.png, .jpg, etc.) files will be accepted if they are unaltered.
  • Proof of any completed community service and/or volunteer hours, if applicable. No additional community service hours are required, but Public Housing residents must continue to meet all community service requirements as stated within the lease.
    • Please note students and/or household members may be required to complete community service hours as part of family obligations under the SAHA Public Housing Lease.
    • While community service hours are not required at the time of application, applicants who live in Public Housing should note that proof of completion may be required at a later date.
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals who are familiar with your educational and professional goals; including, but not limited to teachers, school counselors/administrators, supervisors from work or volunteering, community members or other non-family individuals.
    • Each letter should include the recommender’s full name, position title, employer/organization, email address and phone number. Letters must be either attached as PDF or image files to your online application, or emailed directly from the recommender to
    • In order to process your application quickly, we ask that letters be sent electronically and not mailed.
  • 500-word personal narrative essay that speaks to your goals and aspirations, and if awarded, how you would use the funds to further your education. We recommend that you also answer the questions in the prompt below within your personal narrative.
  • Upon being accepted to the EIF Scholarship Program, recipients must adhere to all program rules or will face possible termination in award funds (See Grievance Process)
  • Scholar must attend Scholarship Completion Appointment on July 27, 2020


  • July 10 | Application submission deadline
  • July 21–24 | Scholarship Review Committee will nominate final recipients. Award letters and information about virtual ceremony will be emailed.
  • July 27 | Professional photo day for all scholarship students and scholarship completion appointment (subject to change)
  • August 1 | Mandatory virtual scholarship award ceremony
  • August | Fall disbursement (first half) awarded by direct deposit
  • December – January | Spring disbursement (second half) awarded by direct deposit


  • Deferment is used when a student is not enrolled at a university for the fall/spring semester of the 2020/2021 school year in which a scholarship is offered. Scholarship deferments are only available for students who are currently eligible and meet all EIF scholarship requirements
  • Scholarship disbursement will be held until recipient provides proof of full-time registration from a institution of higher education prior to disbursement of award



Members of the SSC are selected to serve by the EIF coordinator, and represent the major operating departments of the organization. The SSC will consist of a minimum of one employee from SAHA’s Finance Department and one from the Community Development Initiatives Department. The SSC will screen and review all scholarship requests. Applications meeting the minimum eligibility requirements will be considered.

Grievances must be presented to the SSC within 15 calendar days after notification of denial or change of the scholarship. The scholarship committee will review each case on its own merits and respond to the applicant in 15 calendar days from receipt of the grievance. Decisions by the scholarship committee are final. Send grievances to

Individual files will be kept on each scholarship recipient and will contain all information received for the applicant to include scholarship applications, essays, transcripts and a record of scholarships awarded. Records will be maintained per SAHA’s retention of records procedures for three years after the final scholarship application is awarded.

Second half of the scholarship is disbursed upon receipt of an unofficial transcript and copy of full-time courses at the institution with the student’s full name showing on the document. No handwritten or ineligible documents will be accepted.

Scholarships are awarded in two disbursements in the Fall and Spring

  • Disbursements are awarded to the semester in which the applicant is enrolled full-time (Example: If you graduate in December and your GPA is 3.7, you would only receive $750)
  • Attending the Annual Education Summit and Awards Ceremony is mandatory. Not attending will delay your disbursement 8–10 weeks.
  • Varies upon receipt of your SAHA direct deposit form and bank letter
  • Disbursements are awarded through direct deposit only (No checks)
  • Must provide proof of full-time registration from a institution of higher education prior to disbursement of award

Passion for Life Scholarship


Receive an additional $500 as a new applicant or a renewal graduating from a university.

The Joshua Longoria Passion for Life Memorial Scholarship is open to students striving to seek the truest desire to serve others with conviction and compassion. In establishing this scholarship, Joshua’s mother and SAHA employee, Laura Longoria, and her family, wish to recognize students that are dedicated to continuing their education, and achieve a career goal that Joshua was unable to complete due to his shortened life. When Joshua was diagnosed with melanoma cancer, it quickly spread to his bones. Daily tasks such as getting out of bed became too difficult, and he was unable to work. Despite his condition, his cancer never hardened his heart. Joshua was touched by incredible people in all career fields he met in his life. It gave him a passion for life with a focus on being the best son, brother, nephew, grandson, friend, boyfriend, cousin, patient and positive acquaintance to all who met him. Joshua lived in a way that made his entire family see the incredible young adult he was and the remarkable man he would have been.

Memorial scholarship is a one-time award.


  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA
  • New applicants or renewal applicants graduating from a university in final semester within that application year
To Apply
  • Must submit all requirements from EIF Scholarship
  • Must follow EIF Scholarship Program guidelines
  • Submit 500-word Passion for Life Essay located in EIF Scholarship Application




Rewarding Educational Achievement, Cultivating Hope (REACH) Awards are granted to students who reside with families participating in SAHA Federal Housing Programs.

These Awards help set the foundation for early success by rewarding children up to $50. They will be given to students who are SAHA Public Housing Residents or who are a part of the HCV Program and who have demonstrated the following:

Because the school year was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, EIF will award students for Perfect Attendance and/or Honor Roll for only the fall semester of the school year.

A savings or checking account in the student’s name is required.


  • Student must attend the Education Summit and have a bank account to receive the REACH Award
  • Must open a bank account in child’s name
  • Fill out a W-9 form under the student’s name
  • Must be a resident of San Antonio Housing Authority programs (Housing Choice Voucher, Public Housing, Beacon Communities)
  • Enrolled in Elementary, Middle, or High School (grades K–12)
  • Has Perfect Attendance and/or achieved Honor Roll (reviewed based on Fall semesters)
  • Submit completed application
  • Attach a copy of the last report card of the school year
  • REACH Award applicants must re-submit direct deposit forms every year
Award Scale (Revised due to COVID-19, Fall Semester Only)


A Honor Roll A/B Honor Roll B Honor Roll

(Maximum $25)

(Maximum $25)
(Maximum $15)

(Maximum $10)

  • July 10 | Priority Deadline (Report card + application form)
  • July 10 | Deadline for accepting all materials (W9 and bank account documents)
  • Week of July 13 | REACH Review Committee will nominate final recipients. Award letters and information about virtual ceremony will be emailed.
  • August 1 | Mandatory virtual scholarship award ceremony
  • September – November | Award will be deposited to student bank account


Complete six computer training courses and earn a free digital device through ConnectHomeSA. The training of open to all residents participating in SAHA programs. Children have the opportunity to also receive a hotspot after completing the program.


  • Computer Basics
  • Internet Basics/Navigation
  • Email Basics
  • Intro to Microsoft Word/ Google Docs
  • Online Safety & Cyber Security
  • Social Media Basics
  • Financial 101
  • Online Job Searching


ConnectHome Coordinator