SA2020 was created to lead the community-wide collaboration to execute the vision of transforming San Antonio into a world class city by the year 2020.

Starting in September 2010, the SA2020 vision was created out of the efforts of thousands of San Antonians, representing all corners of the city and is memorialized in the SA2020 2011 Report dated March 19, 2011. This report outlines baseline data and targets eleven vision areas that will indicate when the vision has become reality. SA2020 also published an indicator report in June 2013 to outline the progress made in San Antonio to this point.

SAHA is a Lead Partner, along with the Urban Land Institute (ULI) San Antonio, of the Neighborhoods cause area. SAHA is committed to assist in the effort to realize the Neighborhoods vision:

"In 2020, San Antonio is known for its cohesive neighborhoods with compelling and unique personalities. Modern linked mass transit, improved infrastructure and a concerted effort to preserve and maintain our historic buildings, parks, and open spaces compliment smart growth patterns. The result is a livable and vibrant community that is strongly connected to its past and maintains its small town feel."