The San Antonio Housing Authority is participating in a national Rent Reform Demonstration program, which will implement new rules for calculating rent and evaluate whether the new rules benefit participants. The program’s main purpose is to assist households in keeping more of their earnings, while simplifying rent calculation.

Some key components of the Rent Reform Demonstration include the following:

  • Households participating in the study will receive three-year recertifications, meaning they will complete household and income recertification once every three years even if their income increases during that time.
  • Income and rent will be calculated based on the actual income receiving during the past 12-months prior to the recertification date.
  • Rent will be based on the greater of 28% of gross income or a Minimum Rent of $100.
  • Safeguards are built into the rules to assist families experiencing a financial hardship.

A portion of Housing Choice Voucher Program participants were randomly selected to participate in the Rent Reform Demonstration. The participants chosen to participate were split into two groups: one group who’s income and rent would be calculated using the Rent Reform rules, and one group who’s income and rent would be calculated using the existing rules.

MDRC, a research firm partnered with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), will collect information about the households in both groups including the following:

  • Background characteristics;
  • Rent;
  • Income sources; and
  • Earnings.

MDRC will follow strict rules to protect household information.  Participating families that do not want MDRC to collect their information can notify MDRC by calling a number provided by their housing specialist.

In addition, data will be collected to determine whether SAHA saves administrative costs and reduces errors when implementing the new rules.

For more information about the Rent Reform Demonstration Program, please contact your Housing Assistance Specialist, or read the provided Questions and Answers Worksheet