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Health and Wellness Committee Mission Statement:
To encourage a healthy lifestyle that assumes responsibility for quality of life. To promote awareness that provides direction in making enlightened choices and sustaining a healthy perspective. To provide essential tools that will enhance all efforts made towards living in good health and wellness.


Goals and Objectives:

·         Create a fun safe learning environment to inspire the citizens of San Antonio

·         Reduce pedestrian and bicycle related accidents in San Antonio

·         Reduce the San Antonio obesity epidemic

·         Increase safety and awareness in cyclist and auto drivers

·         Transform San Antonio into a Bicycle Friendly commuters City

·         Educate SAHA residents on the importance of nutrition and physical activity

·         Increase Family participation

·         Create a positive social movement in San Antonio

The Need:

Bicycle and pedestrian awareness for sharing the road are still in infancy stage in San Antonio. Many auto drivers do not recognize bicycles as vehicles and many cyclists in San Antonio do not follow traffic laws and ordinances as they are required to.  SAHA is working closely with organizations such as the San Antonio Police Department, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), The Office of Sustainability, and other organizations to help make San Antonio roads safer for our residents and the City of San Antonio. San Antonio averages 971 bicycle and pedestrian accidents a year (Information retrieved 10/29/2012 10:53 a.m. Pages: 40-51