Proposed MTW Plan Changes 2023

Proposed MTW Plan Changes 2023

SAHA is proposing several changes to its policies for the Public Housing and Assisted Housing Programs.

Requesting your feedback on the proposed changes is required under the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Moving-To-Work Program, which gives public housing organizations, like SAHA, flexibility to use federal dollars to find ways to provide better housing assistance and resources to residents.

You have an opportunity to share your opinion on the changes SAHA is proposing. Here is a list of some of the proposed changes that could impact you.


SAHA Criminal History Screening Policy

A few offenses have been added to the criminal history screening that could lead to the denial of housing assistance.

SAHA is now adding:

  • Assault (misdemeanor) within five years of offense

  • Deadly conduct (misdemeanor) within five years of offense

  • Assault felony within seven years of offense

  • Injury to a child within seven years of offense

  • Deadly Conduct felony within seven years of offense

SAHA is removing:

  • Weapon Offense within seven years of offense

  • Family violence/domestic violence within seven years of offense


Yard/Garage Sales

We are adding garage or yard sales on SAHA property are not allowed unless the property managers sponsor a community wide garage or yard sale.

Display of Firearms

The public housing lease will prevent residents from displaying or using legal firearms on a SAHA property.

Pet Deposits

SAHA is proposing to lower pet deposit fees from $200 to $150. Pet violation fees will also be lowered from $200 to $150.


Triennial Recertifications

All current residents will move from a biennial recertification to a triennial recertification schedule. 


Landlords can no longer perform self-certifications.

Determining Unit Size

When a family receives housing assistance, the number of bedrooms is determined by the family size. We are adding bedrooms will be assigned for foster children if they are in the unit for more than 6 months. Changes also clarify all children who are expected to live in the home will be included in determining the unit size.

Security Deposits

We are changing this section to provide former residents a notice of any charges within 30 days from the move out date.

SAHA Family Self Sufficiency Program

FSS participants will be removed from the program if they fail to respond within 10 business days of receiving a certified letter from SAHA requesting to contact the FSS staff.


What you think of these changes is important to us. You can share your opinion through March 15. You can review all proposed changes here.

Share your opinion by:

  • Mailing or delivering comments to ATTN: Policy and Planning Department, 818 S. Flores St. San Antonio, TX 78204