SAHA Receives $250,000 to Improve Security

SAHA Receives $250,000 to Improve Security

SAHA Receives $250,000 to Improve Security at Public Housing Properties

August 26, 2020

Riverside and Villa Viramendi public housing properties will soon be the recipient of security upgrades through a $250,000 grant the San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Capital Fund Emergency Safety and Security Program.

Riverside will have a total of 25 solar lights installed. Villa Veramendi Homes will have a total of 24 solar lights installed. The common areas will be illuminated by exterior lights to prevent any dark spots where potential offenders can conceal their presence, and cameras will be strategically placed to provide maximum coverage at each property.

Riverside Apartments and Villa Veramendi Homes are home to nearly 900 residents, of which 550 are children. Approximately 70 percent of the head of households in Riverside and Villa Veramendi are single women with children.

“The security measures we will implement will restore the quality of life every resident deserves, as an agency serving the city’s most vulnerable population, we seek opportunities to enhance public safety and develop innovative solutions alongside the City of San Antonio.” said David Nisivoccia, President and CEO of SAHA.

Residents in the area have worked with the San Antonio Police Department’s (SAPD) San Antonio Fear Free Environment (SAFFE) unit officers and Ethnos Missions Center, a non-profit organization to help implement crime prevention initiatives and rallies to solicit widespread participation in public demonstrations of their stance against crime.

Additionally, in an effort to reduce crime and increase safety for residents, SAHA will collaborate with SAPD to implement the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program in both of these communities. These concepts will offer the residents control of their environments while reducing opportunity for unauthorized guests.