SAHA is building a plan for the future.

We are preparing SAHA 2025, our five-year strategic plan to create affordable housing for San Antonio and we need your help and input to help us fulfill our mission.


Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis in San Antonio with a Plan of Action

The San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) hosted a virtual conversation to summarize and review the 87th Texas Legislative Session and its implications for affordable housing. Public housing authorities in Texas, elected representatives, partners and community members were invited to discuss collaborative pathways to increase affordable housing options in Texas.


87th Session for the Texas State Legislature: What Did We Accomplish to Increase Affordable Housing Opportunities?


Looking to the Future: Top Three Priorities for the Next Session to Increase Affordable Housing Options in Texas



Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis in San Antonio with a Plan of Action

The all-day virtual housing symposium on Wednesday, Jan. 27, featured discussions on the housing crisis and opportunities to engage community stakeholders to expand partnerships to develop innovative solutions.

The SAHA 2025 symposium includes individual sessions for the following outcomes:

  • SAHA residents live in quality affordable housing
  • SAHA residents feel safe
  • SAHA residents have access to affordable utilities
  • SAHA residents have a sufficient supply of affordable housing options
  • SAHA residents have sufficient food, water and clothing




Sept. 24, 2020
Providing Residents with Quality Affordable Housing

SAHA believes housing is a basic need and everyone deserves to live in a quality, affordable home. Maintaining that quality and affordability over many years requires coordination, political will, and financial investment. In this session, we will discuss SAHA 2025’s outcome to increase the quality of affordable housing by exploring the opportunities and challenges in the path quality affordable housing along with our community and business partners.

Oct. 1, 2020 // 2 PM
Addressing SAHA Residents Safety and Security

All San Antonians have the right to grow and age in a healthy and secure home and community. Feeling secure is fundamentally necessary to thrive at work, school, and home, and ultimately achieve a state of well-being and have a high quality of life. This panel will explore the SAHA 2025 outcome on ensuring safe living conditions by discussing the different aspects of a secure community and how we can incorporate those ideas into our own.


Oct. 8, 2020 // 11 AM
SAHA Residents Access to Affordable Utilities

Utilities are indispensable elements of quality housing, whether through providing basic necessities or improving quality of life. Utilities provide heating and cooling, home cooked meals, hygiene, and ever increasingly- access to information, education, and employment. The difference between an individual’s success or failure in their efforts can be access to these basic utilities. In today’s session, we aim to explore SAHA 2025’s outcome on how to best expand access to utilities to the SAHA community at large.

Oct. 15, 2020 // 2 PM
Increasing Affordable Housing Options in SA

Today the demand for housing affordable to low-income households in San Antonio vastly outstrips supply. This imbalance varies significantly by area, and there are entire neighborhoods without homes that are affordable to low-income households. The situation is getting worse as rents and home prices steadily rise while incomes stagnate. This creates serious equity problems in the region, and impacts the health, education, and employment outcomes of individuals and families. We will conclude this meeting with our path forward in providing quality affordable housing to all those who need it.

Oct. 22, 2020 // 11 AM
SAHA Residents Access to Food, Water and Clothing

The pandemic has highlighted the challenges SAHA residents face daily regarding food insecurity. Food insecurity isn’t only the lack of money to purchase food. It also includes geographic locations and food hubs, access to healthy food options, and the variety and options of food available. In this meeting we hope to address some of the largest causes of food insecurity for SAHA residents, and possible solutions and partnerships.